Q –  Do you have a minimum order?
A – Yes, 12 is our minimum but to get the best pricing we recommend ordering 36+.

Q – How many colors can you print?
A –  We can print up to 6 spot colors, this would most likely be the best option if you’re going for exact colors.  We offer process printing which is very similar process to your inkjet printer.  We use 4 colors to make a photorealistic image.

Q – Do I need to have my design completed before I place an order?
A –  No, we have several talented artists on staff that can take your concept to completed design.

Q – Are you open on Saturday?
A – Nope, Mon-Fri 8-5.

Q – Do you offer services other than screen-printing?
A – Yes, we offer embroidery and logo/ad design.  Give us a call and see if we can help out.

Q – I’m looking for a premium “soft” shirt, do you have anything like that?
A – Yes, we offer several different options, you might want to come by and feel in person.

Q – Can I bring in my own shirts?
A – Eh, you can but there may be additional print charges.  We might need to see the material first to confirm that your item is printable.

Q – We’ve heard you guys are pretty awesome, is this true and how did it happen?
A – Yes, this is true.  Some work hard, some are born with it.  However you get it, we’re blessed.